PROOF: USA Hijacked

Andrew Morgan



Before I deliver on the title of this page I want to communicate to you a condition of perplexity I have had for much of my life, knowing that something  in the society was amiss but I could never quite put my finger on it as much as I tried…..

UPDATE: 1/15/14 I have moved the PROOF videos up above my rant for your convenience:

I’ve done all the pondering of where “it” was coming from, mostly wondering if it was just me and whether I was damaged somehow in my being, family of origin issues perhaps or just imagining things? Believing “it’s just my imagination” never stuck either because each time that idea would come around again, all I had to do is look out into the sea of others to know that many of them were experiencing much of the same perplexity as I. Even as I still feel all alone with this, at least I know for sure I am not.

The name or label I put on it early on was “a spirit of oppression” because that was the exact feeling associated with the sticky, can’t seem to get momentum going atmosphere I seemed to be existing in most days, like a cloud of  CAN”T, NO and NOT GOOD ENOUGH constantly about.

Then once I began working as a teenager I had a psychic change, full of energy and hope for the future, that is until I got married for the first time and suddenly realized what the business aspect of THAT entailed… Then HOPE, having landed a good job in the offshore oil-field  (just before the crash) was eclipsed by having to be far away from home for two weeks solid out of each month. I made enough money but wasn’t home enough to manage home issues. First divorce.

Going forward I would reverberate back and forth between feeling good about myself with bright future to wondering if there was any hope at all in getting to what ever “normal” was supposed to be. I’m still not “there” today but I am WAY more stable now, so far, thanks to my WONDERFUL wife!

At this point I have been married several times but out of all those marriages only now do I finally have a wife. Her name is Sheila and I remember how to spell her name like this “She I Love Always”…. Did I digress?

That perplexity has undergone a morphosis over the past year. I prayed, I sought, I studied and FINALLY, I found it!

Once I finally learned what and where the oppression was coming from and how it kept its persistence, I was finally free from the quest of trying figure it out, naturally since I now know and understand.

The perplexity remains, but instead of being perplexed from trying to figure out the oppression, I am now perplexed with how in the world will I ever figure out how to get the urgent and life saving information out to others. Let me tell you, so far my experience of accomplishing THAT is proving even more perplexing than when I didn’t know what and where the oppression was.

The way in which I acquired my new,morphed, hybrid perplexity was when I recently began experiencing a NEW and PERVASIVE condition which turns out to have its own label. It is called “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”. Allow me to enter the definition below: (NOTE: The part in red is what I am experiencing FROM those around me when I eagerly and with great sense of urgency attempt to point the fact that current social conditions within the USA borders require MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE action by We The People in order to avoid an emanate danger, of which myself and many others much more credible than myself can see coming on the near horizon along with what the massive immediate action(s) is/are.

Cognitive dissonance:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Social psychologists refer to cognitive dissonance as the presence of incongruent relations among cognitions (thought and understanding) that frequently results in excessive mental stress and discomfort.[1] Ultimately, individuals who hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas and/or values frequently experience cognitive dissonance. This stress and discomfort may also arise within an individual who holds a belief and performs a contradictory action or reaction.[2] For example, an individual is likely to experience dissonance if he or she is addicted to smoking cigarettes and continues to smoke despite believing it is unhealthy.[3]

Leon Festinger‘s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals largely become psychologically distressed. His basic hypotheses are listed below:

  1. “The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, will motivate the person to try to reduce the dissonance and achieve consonance”
  2. “When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance”

Once again I am not the only one experiencing this perplexity. In short, based on good and due diligence  study of recorded history and of current corporate global agenda, those of us who clearly see what is coming would think it a simple thing to wake others to knowledge and action but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Getting the message out about THIS perfect storm is like trying to show red to a color blind person. I take that back because at least a color blind person could at least try to see it… no no, it is more like trying to show red to a total blind person who has been blind from birth. Not only can red NOT be explained to them, they simply can’t see it if they tried? I can’t accept that explanation either because I simply cannot understand how someone can complain about government’s over reach on one hand and then when offered their solution get the dissonance from their other hand.

Look, I only meant to compose a line or two before posting for you THE video which contains the BEST factual overview, cut to the chase explanation of what everyone in the USA needs to know right now in order to effect change because the days are numbered in our ability to stop the problem from destroying all that our forefathers sacrificed, giving their very lives to have the very opportunity to do what we now need to do together before it is too late.

IF you have ANY ideas on how to catch the attention and interest of individuals and groups of people with this information then leave your comments to this article. We need EVERYONE’S  input. We MUST find a way to wake the nation into proper, effective, massive, immediate action!

Thank you for reading my rant and please study the information contained in the two videos below. They contain the PROOF of our USA operating in hijacked state. Please STUDY the information in the videos but please don”t stop there, search out the other videos from these two awesome people. Contact me and talk…. Let’s talk to others together. Let;s began the conversation and begin acting NOW.



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