#BreakingNews VIDEO & #PoliticalTrance Tribune A Mini #Newspaper ?

Mini Newspaper Directions located below video.

Three suggested steps to take:

From side #1,  open each link one at a time being sure to study the info at each one. Pay no attention to the overwhelming feelings… Just PLOW THROUGH the info as complete and as fast as complete will allow. For most of us this not only takes hours over time, but studying this info and repeating it becomes our vocation of DUTY… Daily and weekly duty month in and month out until our USA Freedom is restored.

  • VIDEO …United Nations Agenda 21 Explained

From side #2 it is time to watch two animated videos, one documentary:

* Types of Government Explained
American Dream Film (full length)
The Secret of Oz  (also found on still2012.com)

Other informative videos:


PRINT some Political Trance Tribune “Mini Newspaper” cards and pass them out…  waking others is all regular people can do… which just happens to be the exact action that must be done in order to solve this evil problem and take our country back!!!! We MUST wake up at least 10% of the population and encourage them to do the same. What needs to be done after that will happen naturally as history has already proven over and over again.

What has history also proven will happen when and if you and I do NOT wake the masses?
Can you say HITLER? or Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin? << GOOGLE IT!

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