Free Speech On Facebook (Opinion)

By: Andrew Morgan
WE The People, natural born American humans, have a a God given right to bare arms and this fact has been spelled out in the second amendment, advising all future US Government administrations and all other groups of that fact….
No military or commissioned law enforcement officers standing guard needed at our schools!
School personnel are smart enough to teach… they are smart enough to defend by carrying/shooting.

THE PEOPLE, “WE”,  must empower themselves/ourselves with arms which is short for armament, a term that means tools and supplies equipping for successful military type of combat.

ar·ma·ment  [ahr-muh-muh nt] 
1. the arms and equipment with which a military unit or military apparatus is supplied.
2. a land, sea, or air force equipped for war.
3. armor (  def 5 ) .
4. Usually, armaments. military strength collectively: the armaments race; a country without armaments.
5. the process of equipping or arming for war.

Arms in the second amendment does not mean muskets… It says “arms”!

THAT means modern armament in the day WE The People may ever need to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government directly…

I simply needed to state that fact. I simply need my piers to know that and come alongside the rest of us who value our God given, inalienable rights…. So this commentary is a re-post of the same I had made on my Facebook last night.

I almost want to apologize for my relentless engagement with my Facebook friends and acquaintances over this/these issues because of the discomfort that seems many often them get/feel, caused by the varying degrees cognitive dissonance present, but any apology for ones exercise of intelligent 1st amendment activity would be inappropriate and counter productive.

Recently, Facebook has slapped hands of those posting their 1st amendment…. their thoughts and opinions pertaining to the gun grabbers actions surrounding the Sandy Hook Mass Whatever It Actually Was. Facebook stated that WE users have no right to Facebook our political opinions of known political facts because “Facebook is for building relationships, not politics”…

Personally, I build politically SMART and spiritually WISE relationships and so far, Facebook is working WELL helping me “build relationships”. SO…. God bless you and…

Thank you Facebook and my Facebook friends for creating and maintaining yet another place where the 1st amendment can be exercised, defending the other amendments and future generations of FREEDOM in America!

Defending The Constitution of The United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic,

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