Legal vs Lawful

Legal versus Lawful! What does that mean?  You may ask, are they not one, and the same?  If something is lawful, does it not follow that it is also legal? The answer is most definitely NO!

We have been misled in many things, and in particular with regards to things that relate to law. However, the blame should not be directed upon those who have perpetrated the fraud. On the contrary. The blame should be directed against us, against ourselves, for allowing it to happen, and to continue to happen. Just as we should not blame government, politicians, and corporations for the things that they do. They can only do what we allow them to do, and remember silence, and inaction equals tacit consent.

In order to understand the difference in what is legal, and what is lawful we must understand how assumption, and presumption plays a major role in the fraud called “The Legal System”. As an example lets take a really basic event like marriage.

As we all know marriage is a “lawful” institution. People have been getting married for centuries. In fact in ancient times all it took for two people to marry was to stand in their village before their piers, and THEIR god (nothing about religion), and announce their intentions, and their vows to each other. Now they are married, and recognized as such under the natural law “Common Law”.

Let us now look at the process today. You decide to marry your soul mate. The first thing you must do (planning aside) is apply for a marriage license, which seems pretty straight forward right? Wrong! The need for a license is a presumption, or assumption on your part! This assumption results from the constant feeding of misinformation that you have been subject to throughout your life, and the way that the religious, government administered education systems have indoctrinated you during your growing years.

You may say well I have to get a license it is the law. That is false, and to understand that we must look at the word license. You will need a “Law Dictionary” in order to get an understanding of what the definition of license is. You should try to get the oldest dictionary you possible can, since lawyers “change the meaning of words” over time, in order to institute new statutes in favour / favor of governments, and corporations.

Blacks law dictionary, Bouvier’s law dictionary, or Bell’s law dictionary are the more prominent and widely used in matters of law, and legal issues.   The reason you need a law dictionary is because in matters of the law or the legal system, a different language is used. It is a language created by lawyers, and is meant to be understood only by lawyers.

According to Blacks fifth edition law dictionary LICENCE means “The permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal”.  What it is saying is if you wish to do certain acts then you are committing an offence (you are a criminal) if you do not get a license (permission) from competent authority (the government), before you engage in those acts. None of us wish to be criminals or break the law, and so we BLINDLY  presume, assume that we must obtain a license.

Let us stop for a moment, and dissect this information. We know that marriage is “lawful” and we know that the government cannot give permission (license / permit) to do anything “unlawful”. For example you cannot get a license / permission to beak into cars because that is unlawful right? We must now realize that anything that we can do legally with a license, we can lawfully do without one.

Next we need to take notice of the fact that, if a license is permission. Then it follows that  WE must have ASKED for permission. Permission is seldom given unless someone requests it. Who normally asks for permission? Children, ask for permission (search Parens Patriae) you become a ward of the government, a child of the Province. Incompetents ask for permission. Someone incapable of handling their own affairs or who are not in control, ask for permission. Ask yourself who established government, and who has authority over government? WE DO! we just don’t take the time to recognize we poses that authority, in fact we have been taught to believe that it is the government that has authority over us.  That is why we ask for permission to engage in LAWFUL acts?

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One thought on “Legal vs Lawful

  1. “Although natural law is often conflated with common law, the two are distinct in that natural law is a view that certain rights or values are inherent in or universally cognizable by virtue of human reason or human nature, while common law is the legal tradition whereby certain rights or values are legally cognizable by virtue of judicial recognition or articulation.”

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