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In the wake of any sort of public shooting, the question is always asked: “What can we possibly do to prevent this from happening in the future”.

When that question is asked the most popular answers are sadly always filled with misinformed gun control rhetoric.  Many people suggest that if the government were to force ALL citizens to turn in their guns, or turn in their powerful guns, that this will somehow take away the criminals ability to inflict harm on people.

This very naive assumption is based on the idea that a government actually has the ability to successfully prohibit items, which when looking at the drug war, they obviously are not able to prevent people from possessing, selling or manufacturing any item, they are only able to impose stricter sentences on someone, should they be caught violating said prohibition.

This is not only false hope, but a false solution as well, allowing people to believe that the problem has been solved, when in fact nothing has been solved, politicians have merely scrawled more words onto paper and made more threats.  In reality they have done nothing to solve the problem.

If someone were to truly want to solve the problem of school shootings, they would allow various, random staff members to carry guns, and post signs allowing intruders, and potentially violent students to know that they will not get very far if they plan on carrying out an attack.

Allowing random staff members at choice to carry weapons, instead of mandating all teachers to do so or mandating them not to, would bring an extra element of security to the equation, because no one would know which teachers were armed and which ones were not, forcing them to assume that all of them are.

For an attacker, knowing that they are walking into a firing squad can be a very strong deterrent.  On the other hand, under our current “no gun school zone” policies, attackers are given the message that the whole building will be defenseless.

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25 thoughts on “Another Perspective: Arm the Teachers and School Staff :

  1. Not sure I agree but I thank you for your comments.

    I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Several bloggers are encouraging others to send cards and letters to the school. Here is the address:

    The school’s address is:
    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    12 Dickenson Drive
    Newtown, CT 06482

    God Bless.

    • Thanks for the address! Good idea!

      What part are you not sure you agree with? That For an attacker, knowing that they are walking into a firing squad can be a very strong deterrent OR that under our current “no gun school zone” policies, attackers are given the message that the whole building will be defenseless???

      • I am very sorry sir. I was not trying to engage in any type of debate with you or anyone. I just wanted you to know that I have actually read your post and was not cutting and pasting a comment.

        If you were to investigate me and my site, I would hope that you would find that we have several things in common and there is no reason to believe I have any motive than to inform you and your audience of the address of the Sandy Hook School.

        Again, please accept my apology. Some point in the future, it will be appropriate to engage in this discussion and sort out both of our views. The emotions are just too raw right now and the important things to do right now are to support those who are hurting.

        I do thank you for your comments and I am proud that we live in a country where free speech is free to all.

        Peace and Love,


      • Noted Rob! Thank you for your input!

        HOWEVER, comfort can only come from God and those close to the victims families, “the comforters”…

        That leaves the rest of WE The People who are on the outside looking in and can see what is really
        going on…. can see that there are many more victims yet to come at the hand of this present evil
        if WE do not speak out immediately!

        Granny Good Food said it best when she posted this on her Facebook:
        “Answer this, if you can: Why is it okay for those who want gun control as a solution to mass murders to be vocal and wave their political banners, demanding federal action, but those of us standing for the Second Amendment are supposed to be ‘compassionate’ and ‘judge not’ and let the people have time to bury their dead and heal?

        By the time the ‘healing’ is done (according to whose definition?), our guns will be gone!!!! “

      • Hello sir.

        About a month ago we had a small conversation about guns. I am now willing to address the issue and would love to have your input.

        Hope all is well with you and your family.

        rob akers

      • Well, first of all I would defer to my comment I already made in RE to your initial of which I do not yet see your response. Allow me to copy and paste here afresh: You stated: “Not sure I agree but I thank you for your comments.

        I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Several bloggers are encouraging others to send cards and letters to the school. Here is the address…”

        In addition to thanking you for the school address, my question was/is: “What part are you not sure you agree with? That For an attacker, knowing that they are walking into a firing squad can be a very strong deterrent OR that under our current “no gun school zone” policies, attackers are given the message that the whole building will be defenseless???”

      • I address that specifically in my post, well almost specifically. I did not say these words in my post but you can read it as saying that I am for a gun free zone. You can read the post for the explaination and reasons.

        I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my argument. Thank you for your willingness to have this debate.

      • Yea, ok, well…

        I DO believe it is good for Americans to send cards and letters, showering love and condolence upon bereaved parents who are victims of evil, having lost their small children to evil deeds.

        While mailing Sandy Hook School, it would also be in order to include one letter addressed to: “Any Faculty or Visitor who is a NON FAMILY MEMBER” of any victim requesting security cam footage of the event as well as some eye witness testimonies of the shooting, what the shooter looked like, how he was dressed, what it looked like. how he wielded the gun(s). Was he smiling, scouring, masked, tall, short etc etc etc. Just ONE witness and some real photo evidence would in helping WE The People to protect others in the future from the root and source of this evil.

        You have provided the address for everyone to do their part, mailing to Newtown, CT… NOW my question has become this: “Since you are on the campaign, what addresses have you obtained for us to send letters and cards of love and our heart felt condolences to the parents of the murdered children of Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan where our tax money and our US government has and are continuing to un-lawfully bomb with drone strikes? I already have videos of THOSE poor maimed children. Getting this video proof was easy: HERE & MANY HERE


        Now WE just need video/photo PROOF from Sandy Hook and at least ONE eye witness, because MANY of us, from mounting facts of the MSM shuck and jive, are not convinced it actually happened in the first place, and if so, happened for the reasons stated and or implied by the specific alleged shooter stated and or implied.

    • Don’t leave yet… I did not say that I do not believe there was a shooting and I did not say I do not believe any kids were killed, I said I haven’t seen any real evidence but, however what I have seen is DOCUMENTED FALSE FLAG EVENTS happening over and over where our government carries them killing innocent people in order to rally public support for various expensive military operations. Our government’s actions of the past have made me very cautious about what “they” tell us to believe. I signed the Sandy Hook condolences letter and am devastated for the victims. What I DO NOT believe is that Adam Lanza is the origin of this event and that the purported reasons he did the shooting are any where close to the REAL truth.

      SOOOOOOO that said, what exactly were you attempting to say or accomplish here? So far I see you dancing around my pointed and laser focused questions.

      Your volley

      • I am really sorry that I thought I could have a legitimate conversation with you. You haven’t taken the time to read the 3000 plus words I wrote today. How can we have a discussion when you won’t take the time to read my thoughts?

        One of the reasons I even dived back into this discussion was that I did not want to leave you or your followers hanging. I wanted you to know that I believe what I believe and that I wanted you to know that I am a person who is not afraid. I have always tried to live my life with honor and I wanted to do the right thing and let you know I was back and open to discussion.

        To answer your question, I thought I was going to have a honest conversation with a level headed, well intentioned man. I was mistaken. Feel free to tell Alex Jones that you ran off a misguided former war veteran. Tell him that I could not answer your “pointed and laser focused questions” and that I am another future zombie who gladly took the flu shot, thinks the source of contrails is really water vapor off the wing tips and that 9-11 happened exactly as I saw it on TV.

        By the way, I know one of the pilots who was chasing the United Flight 93 that crashed in PA. It was not shot down; it flew straight down into the ground. I have known this man for 15 years. I went to flight school with him. He and the other pilot took off unarmed and were actually discussing ramming the jet on the radio when it went down. He said that it was horrible watching it crash, but since there is not any video of the event I know you won’t believe me and I am wasting my time.

        Back to Sandy Hook for a second. I believe that it was one little slim bag who flipped out, shot his mom and drove to a school to shoot 20 kids. To think that he is a government plant is an insult to real patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.

        Finally, leave Mr. Gene Rosen alone. He did the right thing and guys like you are making his life tough.

        Take care and good luck

      • Rob,

        First let me say that I know you and I can be friends and I suggest we both stay engaged in our conversation no matter how heated or uncomfortable it may get for either one of us.

        Second, we ARE having a legit conversation and what I see is you throwing a tiny tantrum because my perspective is different than yours as well as my ability to cut through the crap and get to the subject/issue. That said, I thought we were having a conversation HERE and I do not see 3000 words HERE of which you wrote today. You stated that I haven’t bothered reading the 3000 words you wrote today when truth is I didn’t get the memo of you having written them until some passive aggressive text came to my blog of which I am responding to now. BTW, as a result of experiencing the passive aggressiveness in your last comment, I DID go read your 3000 words and enjoyed the article greatly. You and I share a lot in common and have some of the same values as an American human.

        We are having this conversation online in TEXT and it has been my experience as an online marketing success educator that texting over an issue has some major flaws to the continuity of information concerning intent and emotion levels. Text is pee poor for use in debating and leads to destroyed engagement more often than not. In text the parties engaged are lacking the much important body language and voice inflections when words are typed instead of spoken. THAT is why writers use various and pointed, colorful, powerful, inflating or deflating descriptive words in complex sentences with proper punctuation and grammar… And even then there is still no voice inflection nor body language so no matter how well text descriptions are, one or both parties stand a chance of taking offence where none is due….

        Even when face to face when debating over “beliefs” there is a well known stigma some have and operate from known as “cognitive dissonance” and within the confines of the debate, even though evidence and facts and publicly recorded documents to the facts get presented, “cognitive dissonance” often blocks the changing of “belief” over to truth and “knowing”. Knowing this I am reserved in MY beliefs in life to serve simply as a spring board to activate my investigation through my faith in truth and that the truth will set me free from simple belief. My beliefs are fluid, my faith is strong and strengthened by my experience and my knowing developed solidified based on the facts I experience. MOST times my knowledge turns out to be different, skewed at best from my beliefs as it should be, these things I know. I am very careful to label for others within conversation when my statement(s) are belief or knowledge based on empirical evidence.

        When I make a statement of knowledge that differs from someone else’s belief, the other party either goes into a state belief based on my knowledge and that’s where they remain, existing there with simple belief where others properly go into investigation, checking to gain the knowledge themselves where yet others block the knowledge all together remaining at their current beliefs using their “cognitive dissonance” and those end up name calling, rationalizing and justifying their beliefs and either heated argument or ending or abandoning the conversation.

        I believe you and I are in the process of actually exchanging more info and investigating. THAT is a belief I have and I am acting on FAITH to that end, investing more typing in HOPE of that end and EXPECT change to take place in not only both you and I but in our readers.

        We have a lifetime left yet in THIS conversation and THAT is my OPINION. FACTS are yet to be seen and KNOWLEDGE is yet to be created.

        Back to you Brother Rob

      • Thank you for reading my post.

        To keep things simple. Ask me a single, pointed, lazer like question and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

        I will reply with a answer and a simple question for you.

      • Oh good, now we can converse. So here I go x3:

        What part are you not sure you agree with? There can only be one of three answers. 1.That For an attacker, knowing that they are walking into a firing squad can be a very strong deterrent. OR 2. That under our current “no gun school zone” policies, attackers are given the message that the whole building will be defenseless. OR 3. BOTH the above.

      • do you mean firing squad like the electric chair or do you mean that everyone is packing and will be shooting a nano-second following the start or the attack?

      • That teachers and faculty have been trained and are packing… With the Main Stream Media announcing that fact really well so the whole population knows including the would be shooters, same way the whole nation currently knows schools are fair game for shooters because they are ADVERTISED as “gun free zones”…. we didn’t have mass shootings at schools when they were not advertised as gun free zones EXCEPT for KENT STATE when the government shot up and murdered peaceful, unarmed KID protestors which by the was is a mass murder event that didn’t get the “assault rifles” out of the hands of the uniformed guard… Remind me again who was charged, convicted and punished for THAT mass murder? The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four peaceful students and wounding nine other peaceful students, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

        Sorry for the long answer, I got carried away. That happens when the truth hits me and the Spirit moves me

  2. I am perfectly great. I have no crisis of belief or otherwise. I am confident, positive and sure of who I am, what I believe, and how I act.

    How about you? Are you okay? Is there anything I can help you with?

    • Oh my bad Rob!

      I do apologize.

      It’s just I thought we were in the middle of a conversation and you vanished.

      I was left to my one of two assumptions: Either something was wrong like your internet got cut off, got sick from GMO’s, Hexafluorosilicic acid in your drinking water, perhaps the trojan elements in your flu vaccine OR the conversation you started on my post had become too educational or something for you to keep process OR your interest in the conversation faded due to the realization I am the wrong one to challenge when talking facts.

      Also, I do realize my points are very sharp as popping peoples bubbles and balloons was my whole point of creating Political Trance Tribune. WE ARE IN A CRISIS IN THE USA so WAKE UP Y’ALL!

      I’m not this assertive with visitors who simply debate go back and forth, w/o vanishing in mid stream or w/o attempting to accuse me of not being capable of REAL conversation when all I do is provide a conversation of the facts and when something is my opinion I state it as such.

      Seriously Rob, let’s get back to the conversation at hand. I would like to hear your reply to the RE post I made before asking what happened, where did you go?

  3. No, sir. I am still alive and kicking. I thought we were going to have this conversation at my site. There are no black helicopters circling my house, my internet is working perfectly, I eat double GMOs in my Twinkies, I don’t drink water and the flu vaccine is working perfectly. I am not afraid to learn something from you and I am not intimidated by you. If you can convince me that you are right, I am willing to change a belief. Are you willing to be open to consider a different point of view or are you too willing to cling to your guns and Bible to consider reason and logic?

    By the way, do you have a name or are you unwilling to identify yourself? You know the government knows everything about you, so why not tell me your name?

    I think this is the last question you asked and I will try to answer.
    You said: “What part are you not sure you agree with? That For an attacker, knowing that they are walking into a firing squad can be a very strong deterrent OR that under our current “no gun school zone” policies, attackers are given the message that the whole building will be defenseless???”

    Anyone who walks into a school, business or any other place with a gun intent to do harm has no deterrent. They are on a mission, a one way mission, to inflict mayhem and then to die. If they die after the first bullet or the one-millionth they are going to die. They don’t care.

    Do they care that the school is defenseless? Sure, that is one reason they go there. But the greater reason is because that is the source of their angst. Bullied all their childhood, they return to have their vengeance. It doesn’t matter that the kids are different. It only matters in their crazy mind, that they are showing their world that they are a person of immense power. For the attacker, it is about power, control and proving to others that they have value. They get the opportunity to play God, deciding who lives and who dies.

    I do not believe they do it for everlasting fame but for that one moment of ultimate power.

    There needs to be a change in the thought process of everyone. The current mindset is that when there is an active shooter in the school. Everyone in that school is a victim, a target that cannot fight back. That is wrong. Everyone in that school needs to be empowered and giving the authority and power to fight back. With anything at their disposal, there are hundreds of deadly weapons in a school classroom. The teachers and the kids can fight back. It is not a lost cause. It is a simple math equation. Numbers will defeat a single shooter every time. The problem is training and understanding that it can be done. In Sandy Hook, two teachers were able to grab the slim bag. With minimal training, they could have ended the attack at that moment.

    Did I answer your question?

    • Yes you did Rob, finally, thanks!

      No, this conversation was initiated here on my site & I reserve the right to keep it here as it is my site I intend to build with traffic and content, not yours.

      On that note, if you will notice, entering someone’s site with a “post ad and run” technique equates to “spam” and, however in THIS case created a great thread of communication albeit uncomfortable for a while until each of our true colors come out evident in our integrity to remain engaged and I thank you for your part in that.

      I WILL come to your site and provide it with in depth dialog content, and on more of your articles other than the 3000 word one. Your replies have not once been vulgar or hateful even though we both can type condescending comments. Condescending comments are not destructive and are simply a way of demonstrating an attitude. Without voice inflection and or body language within text, condescending comments can be quite useful and that is my experience not my opinion. My OPINION on that note is that WE need more people standing up for the Bill Of Rights and for our kids against the tyranny that is alive and well within our hijacked US government and using condescending comments as often as they can within educational conversations with any and all air headed liberals who ignorantly support and defend the communist UN agenda of taking over the whole world into a one world tyranny.

      Suicide by cop or my cop at mass murder scene IS a reality… I believe ALL of those suicide by mass murder scene events were CAUSED by SSRIs. You are correct Rob, a person on SSRIs who creates in their mind to go forward or someone who had an idea planted in their head to go forward will do so no matter who and how many at the scene are armed. HOWEVER, the more teachers who are trained and armed the quicker the mass shooter is halted in his/her acts.

      Widespread training of our kids and teachers in the martial arts would be GREAT! Especially when done so in the weapons area of the arts, providing walls full of weapons in every school hall and classroom where weapons are no longer an issue and accepted as the American stable that they are. (another opinion)

      FACT is, teachers trained AND ARMED and knowledge of that getting advertised like gun free zones gets advertisement, would greatly reduce the already LOW statistical instances of death by mass murdering shooter.

      More opinion on my part is that WE all should concentrate our “assault weapons” banning energy onto SSRI banning as well as removing the ban on God and prayer from our schools.


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